Why Making your House Smarter

A few years ago, Home Automation was only seen in movies, and mostly, when a new generation of robots decided to take over the world and turn dishwashers against humans. Fortunately, things turned out differently, and today the stores are flooded with Smart Devices that don’t kill you (yet).

I became interested in this topic some time ago, however, maybe the lack of options or the overwhelming amount of them was discouraging me from taking an action. Too many companies are trying to take over the world of Home Automation and committing with one of them might limit the number of devices you can integrate with (the cost doesn’t really help either).

I am getting a bit off track here, so…why should you make your house smarter?

Four Reasons turn your house into a  Smart Home

  • The first reason is savings. Although there is an initial investment,  being able to have a house or an apartment that anticipate and learn from our needs can lead to significant savings. Smart Thermostats, Outlets, lights…
  • Another reason is security. A number of devices allow us to check on our house while we are away from every place in the world.
  • It makes things a lot easier.
  • It is cool…

Some myths about building a Smart Home:


It is extremely expensive…

While it can be the case,  it doesn’t have to be that way. There are very affordable alternatives in the market and of course, DIY kind of solutions.

It is very complex…

I like technology so I enjoy getting my hands dirty by doing things myself, however, there are plug and play solutions for every skill level in the market.

It is only for geeks…

I think this is an argument out of fear, everyone can benefit from the additional comfort at home.

It is time to wrap it out, this is getting kind of long… I want this blog to be a platform where people can learn, communicate and share their experiences. I will be happy to help in any way I can to the people who want to start a project on their own.

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