Smart Home Project 101: Introduction


The Context

If you have ever moved to a new house or apartment, you probably know what a joy that process is. Losing half of your stuff and breaking the other half…dealing with movers…

Also, don’t forget about that period in which you live surrounded by boxes trying to remember that organization system that seemed so logical when you were packing…


Smart Home Project 101


You get my point, moving is a thrilling experience…but there is a bright side! It actually gives you the opportunity to take a step back and review your home automation project.


What is this About?

As you are probably guessing at this point, in order to cope with the moving syndrome I have decided to start a series called Smart Home Project 101 where I will take you through the process of automating your house or apartment from scratch (while I do mine).


A Different Format…

The form of the content will be a bit different, I will try to publish more posts but with lighter content, almost in a conversational way.

I am actually moving to a rental place so I will focus on:

  • Things that you can actually take with you if you move.
  • Gadgets that don’t require retrofitting or significant structural changes.

There will be a mix of off-the-shelf and crafty gadgets depends of what makes sense in terms of  budget and flexibility.

Here are a few things that I am planning to cover but I am sure I will get more ideas along the way.

  1. Smart Home Project 101: The Brain.
  2. Smart Lighting Options.
  3. Home Automation Sensors.
  4. Home Automation Actuators.
  5. Security Features
  6. Notifications
  7. Interfaces


What Can you Expect?

With these series I want to play by the ear. I would like to be in touch with you along the process to see if you like the content.

During the series, I will be linking to some of the existing tutorials and maybe creating new ones for things that are not covered yet.

What do you think? Do you have suggestions about products to use or things to automate?

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  1. Javier


  2. Nurul Alam

    Looking forward to your smart home project. I am assuming you wont be using any conventional smart home system like Crestronm savant or control4. I am curious to know are you going to make your own controller? I have made a controller as a DIY project with Pi. It can control my lights. It was a fun project.

  3. David C.

    Hi Nurul,

    That is correct, I want to go with more widely available solutions. I will go for openHAB.

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